Our Contributers

illumine is funded entirely by the generous donations of our audiences. We are sincerely grateful for the following people (and many who wish to remain anonymous) who make our concert series possible:


Al Baginski


The Schmucki Family


The Brinkman/Folio/Thompson Family
Ann Keech
Lisa Parviskhan
Homer & Susan Royer

Up to $49

Michele Bradford & Chris Niedland
Matt Brown & Susan Hurstik
The Elwood Family
Rich & Sally Fritzson
The Harman/Subramanian Family
Rita Levine
Ed MacDonald & Martha Everett
The Metrick Family
Wil McCall & Rachael Wilson-McCall
Hannah Mosca
Anya Nair & Rajesh Radhakrishnan
Maureen Osborne & Topper Roth
Deena Pollock
Bobbie Potsic
Gabby & Harvey Shapiro
Bunny Sklar
Andrew Smith
Bill & Holly Waterson

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