An American/Transylvanian Collaboration:


First of all, let’s establish that Transylvania is a real place, and its citizens are not vampires! Codex is an esteemed Transylvanian early music/folk ensemble, based in Csíkszereda, Romania.

illumine violinist, David, and Codex cellist, Zsombor Lázár have been close friends for many years. After numerous visits to each other’s countries and a collaboration in the summer of 2013 including Kaitlyn and the Csik Chamber Orchestra (click here to watch the concert finale), the members of illumine and Codex together are creating an exhilarating concert to forge an everlasting, musical bond between Pennsylvania and Transylvania. The program will feature everything from folk music, to new compositions, to improvisation. We expect to perform an entire week of concerts across the Greater Philadelphia Area in the late summer of 2017; dates will be confirmed as soon as we have reached our target budget.

As you might expect, flying an entire performing ensemble to the USA – amongst other costs – is a huge financial endeavor. Our goal is to raise $10,000, which will include airfare for five, transportation, meals, venue rental fees, and other general concert production costs. Please consider contributing to our project; with your generosity it could become something extraordinary! We are collecting Codex donations at each of our concerts. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us for details about all sponsorship-affiliated benefits.

Click here to visit the Codex website.

Codex Portrait

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