A “Lightbulb Moment”

Lightbulb MomentTwo years ago, David and I were sitting on the patio in front of his house.  It was one of the last warm days in October, so we chose to talk outside for a while in the bright afternoon sunlight.  For me, this October afternoon was vastly different from those of the past:  I had just completed my undergraduate degree, gotten engaged, and was taking on a “real world” job.  In one summer, every defining detail of my life had been flipped upside down, inverted, scrambled, and discombobulated.  It was extremely scary, but also exciting.

This was the nature of my conversation with David that afternoon.  Typical of any young couple about to start their lives together, we were enthusiastically discussing the endless possibilities of the future:  graduate school aspirations, our upcoming wedding, living together.  Somehow, we got onto the topic of creating a concert series in which we would perform together, a notion that quickly gained a lot of interest from us both.  We would spend the next hour and a half eagerly discussing repertoire choices, how we might theme the concerts, and where we could possibly perform.  It was a true “lightbulb moment,” but it was as fleeting as the setting sun behind us.  As dusk settled in and the air grew cold and dark, our concert series once again seemed far away.  And there it would stay for the next year and a half.

Our plan for the future had not panned out exactly as we had hoped.  Even though I had been accepted into both vocal performance programs for which I had auditioned, I could not afford tuition.  I could not take out additional loans, because I was still paying off the bills from my undergraduate degree.  I felt discouraged.  Depressed.  Angry.  Bitter.  Resentful.

It wasn’t until David, resilient as always, asked, “Why can’t we continue to perform, even if we’re not in graduate/doctoral school?” that I was distracted enough from my bitterness to realize that I didn’t have an answer.  And so, once again we began to brainstorm.  Brainstorming turned into planning.  Planning turned into action.  We approached Jodie to be the third member of our performing group, picked concert dates and repertoire, found a name for our trio, and began work on a website.  illumine was becoming a reality, and our “lightbulb moment” was once again shining.  Although this time, not even doubt, uncertainty, or other plans could put it out.

And so, by now I am assuming that you have had a chance to explore our website.  It is here, on this blog page that we are going to disclose our thoughts, desires, tips, and other information.  We will also be using this page to answer any questions that we receive at our concerts and events.  You may also submit questions for us via e-mail.  Don’t be shy; as you can see, we certainly aren’t.

We can’t wait to see you at our concerts.


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